Guadalupe Herrera-Garcia, DO

Guadalupe Herrera-Garcia, DO or Dr. H-G as her patients affectionately call her is not your average OBGYN. In addition to her expertise in women’s health and high-risk pregnancies, she is also a wellness guru, inspiring her patients to live their healthiest lives both physically and mentally. Dr. H-G’s passion for wellness started early in her medical career. She recognized the need for a holistic approach to healthcare, one that considers not just the physical body but also the mind and spirit. She completed additional training in nutrition, FSM, mindfulness, and fitness, she strives to share her knowledge with her patients to help them achieve their best selves. When she’s not in the office, Dr. H-G can be found with her friends and family exploring the outdoors. Her patients love her for her positive energy and contagious enthusiasm. If you’re looking for a doctor who is committed to your overall wellness, both inside and out, look no further.

Fran Martinez, DO

Fran Martinez, DO is a physician on a mission to provide personalized, comprehensive care that improves his patients’ quality of life. With over 20 years of experience in maternal fetal medicine, Dr. Martinez is an expert in women’s health and has dedicated his career to helping patients live their healthiest lives. He has expanded his services providing wellness care for both women and men throughout their lifespan. Including wellness care and management of issues that come along with ageing, such as menopausal symptoms for women as well as energy and vitality issues for men. Originally from Philadelphia, PA, Dr. Martinez graduated from the University of Scranton and then obtained his medical degree from Kansas City University College of Osteopathic Medicine. “It is much more rewarding to treat a person’s problem and then follow up with a plan that will help maintain a healthier state of living rather than just wait for more problems.” – Dr. Martinez

Tina Jones CMT, RDA

After obtaining my RDA license, I worked in orthodontic and oral surgery offices in the Sacramento, CA and foothills area for over a decade. Specializing in hygiene education, assisting small surgeries and all things ‘back office’, I often found myself doing healing work on my fellow dental professionals. Realizing I had both an interest and passion for the both educating others and the healing arts, while raising my two sons, I began work toward obtaining licenses in the healing arts (Healing Arts Institute ). This eventually led to me opening two wellness centers SpOILed Holistic Wellness, & Rutavalla, Auburn, Ca. I earned my CMT license and additionally studied acupressure, Quantum Biofeedback, face rejuvenation and non-needle acupuncture, aromatherapy, Pilates, Aroma Yoga and other aroma and essential oil modalities such as the Young Living Raindrop Technique, Neuro-Auricular and Vita-flex therapies (learned from the founder of Young Living – D. Gary Young & C.A.R.E. Centers of Aromatherapy Research and Education ) that incorporate the highest grade of plant medicine, essential oils and essential oil infused supplements. Most recently I have completed several courses of study in harmonic healing via sound and light therapies for the face and full body, certified through Aromasounds.